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Positive behaviour for learning

Respectful, Engaged and Active Learners (REAL)

All students are expected to be REAL at Mitchell High. We help students try to achieve this through explicit teaching of behaviours across various settings within the school. Whether it is in the classroom, the library, the playground or the hall students at Mitchell should strive to be REAL. Students and they are encouraged and rewarded to behave in the ways in which they have been taught.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

The school will continue to the implementation of PBL lessons in roll call each fortnight. Term 1 has seen a focus on three specific areas to date, these being:

  • Uniform Requirements
  • The Importance of a Diary
  • Being Respectful

The uniform requirements lesson reinforced the school's expectations with regards to uniform and the sanctions for not following the guidelines. Mitchell High School takes its uniform policy seriously and expect all students to do the same.

The school diary lesson addressed the importance of using a diary in terms of improved organisation, recording activities happening at school and listing homework and assessment task activities. There is also a section for students to copy their timetable to help ensure they are in the correct place at the right time. Diaries have been provided by the school for students to use as one avenue to help them to be real, engaged and active Learners in all subject areas. Students can also receive vivo points for having and using their diaries.

More recently, students engaged in a lesson about respect. Respect is showing high regard for one's self, others and their property. The lesson focused on how respect should be shown in the classroom, playground and other areas of school and community life. Students discussed the benefits of working together to make Mitchell High School a respectful place for all to encourage positive relationships and classroom environments that allow for engagement with learning so students can develop their skills. It is important for students to be conscious of being respectful at all times and to realise that how they behave and what they say is how the world will see them.