'We aim to provide excellence in educational opportunities to meet the needs of our students'.

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About our school

Mitchell High School aims to provide excellence in educational opportunities and to meet the needs of our students.

MHS Aims and Objectives

Mitchell High School is concerned for each student as a maturing individual and member of society. The school endeavours to create a learning environment in which students, staff and community are jointly involved in pursuing the following aims and objectives.

  • Foster studentsrespect for worth and dignity of themselves and others.
  • Strive to ensure that students acquire the basic skills vital to learning and gain an understanding of their physical and social environment.
  • Encourage students to progress at a rate commensurate with individual ability, expand their horizons and accept responsibility for the continuance of their own education.
  • Provide the opportunity for each student to mature as a responsible, creative, fulfilled individual and a concerned, discerning, constructive member of society.
  • Promote the healthy development of each student's physical abilities and skills.

MHS Student/Parent Information Handbook

Download: MHS Student/Parent Information Handbook (pdf 705kb)

Mitchell High School provides a pleasant, caring environment where students are encouraged to follow a fine tradition of striving for excellence. The emphasis on tradition and excellence expects from students high personal standards in study, behaviour, personal appearance and responsible behaviours.These values are strongly supported by the school community. The school has an excellent reputation in the local community and performs well in academic, sporting and cultural aspects of the curriculum.

A wide curriculum offering is enhanced by a strong and flexible use of technology to support learning, special provisions for high achieving students and for those experiencing learning difficulties, english as a second language (EAL/D) and transition education programs. The Parents & Citizens' Association and Parent Forum are very supportive of the school.

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